European Film Festival Project

In November 2018, the European Commission began a project to support the creation and enhance the quality of European film festivals organised by the delegations of the European Union. The project is managed by a consortium formed by the Goethe-Institut (lead), the Institut français and Cineuropa. The initiative offers delegations a variety of services to help them put on European film festivals. They are as follows:

  1. Film repository. The consortium created a repository of feature and short films and secured their worldwide, non-commercial rights. The team produces and distributes the electronic format of the movies.
  2. Subtitles. The films are subtitled in a wide range of languages. The consortium also provides additional tools, such as dialogue lists and time codes, to allow EU delegations to independently implement the subtitling in local languages;
  3. Side events. The initiative provides technical and financial assistance for the organisation of “side events”, such as invitations for film crews (filmmakers, producers and actors) to take part in Q&A sessions, workshops and master classes, networking meetings between European and local professionals, co-production meetings, film education activities involving schools and teachers, co-operative actions with local film schools and universities, pitching training sessions and audience awards;
  4. Support for delegations. Several delegations have received additional and direct support from the consortium when organising a European film festival, through the hiring of curators, the researching of local sponsorship and partnerships, and the renting of theatres and other relevant facilities;
  5. Common visual identity. The consortium has developed a common visual and graphic identity. The graphic identity is a tool to help delegations to create catalogues and other promotional material;
  6. Training. The consortium offers several online and offline training sessions for delegation officials on the subject of film-festival management;
  7. Do-it-yourself guide. The consortium has produced a do-it-yourself guide to support the organisation of festivals.

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In the context of this project, Cineuropa has made several videos addressing festival organisers. These videos are interviews with festival managers and specialists from around the world. They explain how to run and promote a film festival, and offer practical tips and advice.