Directed by: Mamadou Ottis Ba

Cast: Charles August KOUTOU, Oumy Ndeye MBAYE, Aida Ndeye AIDARA, Oumou Ndeye Kaltoum NDIAYE, Ibrahima Ndiaye CISSE, Jean Pierre CORREA

Screenplay: Mamadou Ottis Ba

2021 | Senegal, France, Belgium


Idrissa lives in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal. He lost his job as a civil servant as a result of budget cuts ordered by the IMF. The day his redundancy money runs out, he is forced to live off his wife Viviane. He then searches by all means for a way to regain his pride as a man that he thinks he has lost…

Languages: French | Wolof

Sold territories:

Subtitles available: English | French