Directed by: Boubakar Diallo

Cast: Issaka Savadogo, Mahoula Kane, Dieudonné Yoda, Zena Alisar Khalil, Eva Guehi, Irène Minoungou, Kadhy Touré, Mouna N’Diaye, Mariam Aida Niatta


2021 | Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, France


Under pressure from their respective mistresses, three friends (Idriss, Momo and Willy) organize an extramarital trip to an extravagant hotel outside of Ouagadougou. A seminar in Abidjan is the perfect alibi for the trio to free themselves from their wives for a weekend. As soon as they arrive, their euphoria subsides when they learn that the plane they were supposed to have taken has crashed. Ridden with shame and guilt and abandoned by their mistresses, the three adulterers wallow in depression. In the end, they will have to face their wives, hungry for revenge after the deception.

Languages: French | Wolof

Sold territories:

Subtitles available: English | French